The Island of Murter

Murter is the North Dalmatia Island with an area of 17.58 sq km. The settlements on the island are Betina, Tisno, Jezera and Murter, which is the biggest and the oldest site. It is connected with the mainland by a short bridge in Tisno.

Betina, Marina Betina

Betina is well-known for its shipbuilding in wood and its carpenters. The first very modern shipyard was founded in 1848, and the tradition of shipbuilding remained till nowadays, and there can be built and repaired boats up to 300 tons in weight. In the modern times the tourism became the most important industry of the place. In the village is also Marina Betina, which allows development of the nautical tourism.

Tisno, camp Jazina

Tisno is partly located on the mainland (Tisno Peninsula) and partly on the island of Murter. The narrow sea strait (from which Tisno owes its name) between the island and the mainland is only 38 meters wide, and since 1832 it is connected by a drawbridge. Tisno is rich in cultural attractions and restaurants. Long beaches in the shade of the Mediterranean pines additionally guarantee a pleasant holiday. Car camp Jazina is only 2 km away from the centre.

Jezera, ACI marina

Jezera is the smallest settlement on the island of Murter. The inhabitants of Jezera are skilled fishermen and sailors. The place still looks like a typical Dalmatian fishing village. In case you would like to have fresh caught fish, calamari, shrimps or mussels, you can purchase it directly from the fishermen at dusk, which will certainly be one more unforgettable experience for you. In Jezera is situated ACI marina, too.

Murter, hotel Colentum, camp Slanica, Marina Hramina

Former mainly fishing village, Murter today is more and more oriented on tourism. The agriculture is also present, but mainly it refers to the production for personal needs. The most developed branches are olive and fig growing, but tourism is today the most progressive branch of economy. In Slanica cove are the hotel ‘Colentum’ and the camp ‘Slanica’, and in the village of Murter is the Marina Hramina.